ZooMontana is a new regional zoological/botanical garden, the only one of its kind in the Northern Rockies. A habitat, more than a zoo. From ZooMontana's conception it was decided that this zoo should be more than a recreational collection of animals and plants. The goals include (1) the construction of a world-class zoological garden with respect to the quality of the habitats and animal management programs, (2) the development of a comprehensive education program, and (3) the development of a sound conservation biology program. The following are ZooMontana points of interest: 

1. Visitors can admire animals in natural settings. Wildlife is kept from visitors by cleverly arranged ravines, cliffs and other natural barriers. 
2. Combination of botanical and wildlife habitats with a 'biopark' theme, emphasizing the quality of exhibits rather than the quantity of species. 
3. Major completed habitats include: River Otter, Waterfowl, Siberian Tiger, Great Horned Owl, Bighorn Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Lynx, Red Panda, Eastern Gray Wolf, and the Bald Eagle. Phase two plans are being developed for Birds of Asia, Plains (variety of North American and Asian species), Wolverine, and Takin habitats. 
4. Sensory Garden: A one-acre site with a large variety of native and exotic plants designed to delight all of our senses (sight, sound, smell and touch). A Montana Garden: a garden expansion project in progress highlighting native Montana plants. Dottie's Garden: a waterwise garden and memorial showcasing plants that are able to tolerate the varying Montana climate by using little water. 
5. Homestead Exhibit: Turn-of-the-century homestead house and barn. 
6. ZooMontana receives a great deal of support from individuals, service organizations and companies. 
7. ZooMontana is a private non profit organization 
8. ZooMontana is the only zoo within a 500-mile radius. 
9. ZooMontana has unique rental facilities available for weddings and receptions, company picnics, meetings, birthdays, etc.