MONTANA Botanical Park

"Perserve, Protect, Enhance and Assist"


This circular pathway starts at the northeast entrance to the garden. The highlights below start either right to the waterfall or left past the fountain and ending at the waterfall. 

From this vantage point look right and you will see a Amur Maple (SG13) and a collection of Saskatoon Serviceberry trees (SG14).

Further ahead there will be a Red Jade Crabapple (SG14) on the right and Amur Chokecherry (SG17) on the left.

As you turn around and look back you'll witness the many textures and shades of color that make this garden so unique.

Veering left from the entrance and on the left is a collection of trees including a Smoke Tree (SG10) and Tolleson's Weeping (SG11).

On the south side of the garden we highlight a Bristlecone Pine (SG4), a Lilac Tree (SG3), a Rocky Mountain Juniper (SG2) and Yellow Horn (SG1)

An overall view proves witness to the many unique aspects of the Arboretum. This photo was taken in August of 2015.


The Homestead trails are a flat and an easy traverse circling around the house and barn. The trees of the Amphitheater can be found on a knoll overlooking the stage and seating.

The entrance to the Homestead barn is framed by 2 Catalpa Trees (H1) and includes a Norway Maple (H2) and Honey Locust (H5)

Follow the path to the left and you will be greeted by large Colorado Spruces (H13) and one of two Corkscrew Willows (H14)

The back pond is a great place to observe a Silver Maple (H15), Corkscrew Willow (H14) and an old and young Tamarac Larch  (H15)

Following the pathway you will find our Spring 2018 project of identifying 2 Apple trees and 2 Plum trees, unidentifiable in Fall 2017.

The back pathway offers a great Arboretum expansion area. It's now the home to an unknown Plum (H20) and Pie Cherry (H21)

The Amphitheater located just east of the Homestead is the home of 21 trees including Burr Oaks (A3) and Sea Buckthorns (A5)


The junction at the Plaza will lead you to the trees of the Sensory Garden, Dottie's Garden, Homestead Gardens and Amphitheater. Straight ahead you will see an American Elderberry (Z46) and White Fir (Z47).

An amazing tapestry of color and textures awaits the amateur and professional botanist at the Zoo. A rare Gingko Tree (Z44) marks the entrance to the Homestead Gardens on the right.

On the way to Dottie's Garden you will witness the deep color of a Canada Red Chokecherry (Z37) and, in season, the purity of Spring Snow Crabapples (Z43).


The trails approaching Dottie's Garden have a slight rise from the Sensory Garden and from the bridge to the west.

Dottie's Garden is a unique "water-wise" garden featuring 6 various tree specimens including the following:

Parson's Norway Spruce (foreground)

Cockspur Hawthorn (DG2)

Unknown Pine (Spring 2018 project)

Tartarian Maple (DG4)

Moonglow Juniper (DG5) 5 specimens

Austrian Pine (DG6) 5 specimens

The Children's Garden is located along the Zoo pathway system on the south end of the Plaza. It's a novelty garden with a fantastic seasonal and holiday theme. It's colorful and texturized and entices a child's imagination. It's also a home for the following trees:

Juniperis Scopulorum (CG1)

Skyline Locust (CG2)

Plains Cottonwood (CG3) The Old Man

Norway Spruce (CG4)

Big Tooth Maple (CG5)

Paperback Maple (CG6)

Hackberry (CG7)