Memorial Trees at ZooMontana

A Memorial Tree is a special way to celebrate the life of a loved one while also enhancing the grounds at ZooMontana, now certified as the Yellowstone Arobretum.  

Your tax deductible gift of $500 will be used to purchase the tree of your choice that will be planted by our staff. It also includes a commemorative plaque. The planting of the tree will depend on the weather but once completed, you are welcome to have family and friends come for a dedication. Below is a listing of trees and the general location.  

Bear Meadows (across from the Bear exhibit)

Conifers:  Whitebark Pine or Engelmann Spruce 

Commons or Natives:  Grand Fir or White Spruce

ZooPlaza (south end across from the Eagle Garden)

Deciduous:  Katsura Tree or London Planetree  

Homestead (near House or Barn)

Ornamental:   Eastern Redbud or Cherry Plum 


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Yes, I/we would like to purchase a Memorial Tree

Name:  ____________________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________________________________

Phone:  ___________________     Email:  _________________________________

Tree of choice: Whitebark Pine or Engelmann Spruce

Grand Fir or White Spruce

Katsura Tree or London Planetree

Eastern Redbud or Cherry Plum

Inscription:  ___________________________________________________________