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When you visit ZooMontana you may not realize it but before you can even park your vehicle you've driven through one of the most unique areas of the Yellowstone Arboretum. The trees of pond area, now dubbed "The Old Pond", at the highway entrance were first accessioned in 1998 and nine of those specimens are still with us today. Over the years this area has been used as experimentation for trees not accustomed to our Montana climate such as Butternut, Persimmon and Bald Cypress and although not all survived it was a good litmus test for future plantings. Not all species have been re-identified yet but the future holds the key to solving many mysteries.

Here's a look at some of the trees you can find at "The Old Pond"

"Eastern Sycamore" Platanus occidentalis  (2)

"Korean Locust" Gleditsia japonica "Koraiensis" (1)

"Black Walnut" Juglans nigra  (3)

"Canada Chokecherry" (3) and Austrian Pine (many)