"The Diamond of Billings"

The Sensory Garden is a 40,000 square foot common area surrounded by a 6 foot berm with mature trees, bushes and plants. Flower beds surrounding the common area are 3 feet high and contained with a rock wall and a path that runs between the walls and the grassy area. There are two main berms with perennial flower beds and a lovely waterfall fountain on the west end of the commons and a fountain on the east end. There is a shaded arbor on the west behind the waterfall that affords a wonderful view of the entire garden.

The Sensory Garden was the vision of Jane Reger who was the chairman of ZooMontana's Sensory Garden committee in 1991. Their dream was to offer a garden area that was secluded, peaceful and shaded. it was designed to appeal to all senses and it is handicap accessible for those with disabilities. The garden invites all visitors to walk the path and touch the flowers behind the wall, smell the fragrant blossoms and enjoy the peaceful sound of running water. The area has benches to offer a quiet respite from our hectic lives and invites the visitor to bring a blanket and stretch out on the commons. The Sensory Garden has proven to be a perfect location for lovely seasonal weddings and receptions.

The Sensory Garden is one of many gardens that make up our society efforts. The following pages show all the color, textures and whimsy you can expect to find at ZooMontana. We invite you to visit the zoo and stroll through all the gardens. Experience the fragrance, marvel at the colors and enjoy the varied Montana seasons. Feel free to come back again and again and again….

Watch for new plants and flowers that will be introduced this season !