Remembrance Circle

"A Time for Reflection"

The Remembrance Circle is located just east of Dottie's Garden. The garden consists of a Dwarf Spruce surrounded by a circle of Snow Crabapples. It's a tranquil place giving time to reflect on the lives lost in the Oklahoma City bombing. It's shady and cool, a great place to enjoy after a long walk through the zoo. The original plan included shrubs and flowers. The society is working to bring tho unique garden to completion.


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Dwarf Spruce

The dwarf Alberta spruce, also known as the dwarf white spruce, is a popular, slow-growing , dense conifer that is widely available at retail and garden centers throughout the US. The tree will eventually grow 10-12 feet high but takes 25-30 years to reach maturity and is hardy in zones 2-6. With soft, light green needles and a pyramidal form, the Alberta spruce provides a unique vertical `structural accent´ to the landscape. The Alberta spruce can handle high winds, cold temperatures, heat and/or drought periods. Specialty pruned spiral or sheared forms are also available. In addition, the dwarf spruce is occasionally selected as a container accent planting. The Dwarf Spruce located in the center of the Remembrance Circle.

Snow Crabapple

There are few plants that create greater intrigue or visual impact during all four seasons than the flowering crabapple. In the spring all eyes are enticed with delicate colors offered by emerging leaves and buds. Unopened flower buds may hint of one color and as flowers open, other hues are revealed in a spectacular floral display. As flowers fade the rich foliage offers another subtle contribution to the landscape.

As autumn arrives crabapple foliage and fruit transform to match the vibrant colors of an artist's palette. Falling leaves reveal the glorious color of the fruit. The snow of winter accents fruit, branches, and tree shape. It is no wonder crabapples are called "jewels of the landscape."

The garden is located next to Dottie's Garden (14)



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