2023 brought a few updates to the Tiger Garden in the Asian Habitat area. In addition to the Boxwoods and Day Lillies that were planted in 2018, Hostas were transplanted in 2019 and Tiger Lillies added in 2020 and 2022 to fill in the gaps on the north end of the garden. These plants are an understory to the Russian Rock Birch trees that have been established in this garden along with bulbs that adorn the memorial boulder in place. Japanese roses will be added in 2022-23.

A few notable changes will be taking place in 2022-23. A small rock garden (Taylor's garden) has been updated in the Asian Garden and volunteers will continue to upgrade the asian plants. If successful then expansion will be realized and more color may be introduced. Plans are also underway to install Asian shrubs in this area. Two new gardens in the Dell were started last year and new plants will be added for more texture and color.

Arboretum volunteers are looking forward to a new season of flower raising.New plants will be nurtured and and planted in the pathway pots, weather permitting, March appears to be the month that activity heats up. This year, besides the arboretum gardens, plants will be nurtured for a flower pot expansion along the pathways and at the animal exhibits. Up to 20 pots will be distributed. 


We want you! The Botanical Park of Zoo Montana is looking for volunteers for the 2023 season. If you enjoy planting, growing and weeding then you may want to consider helping out during this season. This position is a learning and rewarding effort and offers a lifetime of experience. Individuals and organization may fill out the simple form on the right and a member of the society will be contacting you soon.


For more personalized information feel free to talk to the Zoo's volunteer coordinator (Loran) or leave a message:

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Meeting Dates

The meeting dates for 2023 will be the first Thursday of the month. These dates will continue throughout the growing season and will take place in the Sensory Garden unless weather is not cooperative, then meeting will be held in the pavilion.

ZooMontana is honored to have been selected as a test site for Plant Select, an innovative gardening program through the Denver Botanical Society and Denver Botanical Gardens. Another  upgrade is planned for 2022.

Plant Select® is the country’s leading brand of plants designed to thrive in high plains and intermountain regions, offering plants that provide more beauty with less work so gardeners of all levels can achieve smart, stunning and successful gardens using fewer resources and with a more positive environmental impact.Plant Select’s goal is to create smart plant choices for a new American Landscape inspired by the Rocky Mountain Region.

Plants chosen for program exhibit these eight attributes:

  • Flourish with less water
  • Thrive in a broad range of conditions
  • Habitat-friendly
  • Tough and resilient in challenging climates
  • One of a kind/unique
  • Resist disease & insects
  • Long-lasting beauty
  • Non-invasive