The Homestead Perennial Garden was created in the summer of 2019. Located in front of the Homestead House porch the garden is frequented by the Zoo's peacocks which adds color and and a great photo experience. The variety of plants were selected for their endurance through our sometimes harsh Montana climate and are a great compliment to the Homestead Collection.

Here's some examples of the varieties of plants that can be viewed in the garden. A complete list is located below.

Echinacea purpura

Achillea Yarrow-Paprika

Salvia nemerosa-May Night


Scabiosa columbaria-Pink Mist

Shasta Daisies-Alaska

Sedum spectabillis-Dark Red

Ninebark-Amber Jubilee

Lilac-Agincourt Beauty

Garden Inventory (subject to seasonal change)



Echinacea-White Swan

Ratibida Coneflower-Red Midget

Rudibeckia fulgida-Goldsturm

Achillea Yarrow-Paprika

Achillea Yarrow-Firefly Diamond

Achillea Yarrow-Pink

Salvia nemerosa-May Night

Nepeta faasinii Walker's Cat Mint



Scabiosa columbaria-Pink Mist

Scabiosa columbaria-Butterfly Blue

Scabiosa caucasica fama-Deep Blue

Allium senescent glaucum

Penstemon-Rocky Mountain

Penstemon-Pikes Peak Purple

Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daisies-Alaska

Iris Collection

Geum chiloense Avens Lady-Yellow

Geum chiloense Avens Lady-Pink

Artemesia-Silvermound schmidtiana

Sedum spectabillis-Munstead Dk.Red

Blue Flax Linum Perenne

Liatris spicata

Lilac-Agincourt Beauty

LoGro Sumac

Physocarpus opulifolius Amber