MONTANA Botanical Park

"Perserve, Protect, Enhance and Assist"

Here's a review of the newest gardens under re-establishment or renovation!

BAMBOO GARDEN: Established in 1999 this garden is unique in it's function for the ZooMontana red pandas. Many species of bamboo were originally grown in this small garden located on the south edge of the Wolf Habitat just north of the main pathway. Many of those species exist today and are tended by dedicated ZooMontana volunteers. Check out the Bamboo Garden page for more details.

BEAR MEADOWS CONIFER GARDEN: This existing garden will grow with the introduction of new specimens in 2018 and it's establishment in the Arboretum system, hence it's new name the Bear Meadows Conifer Garden located across the main pathway from the bear Exhibit. New webpage coming soon!

ASIAN GARDEN: This garden consisting of Asian species and Asian inspired plantings was originally started in 2004. It is located behind the Millennium Grove. The goal is to renovate the garden to much of it's original integrity with new plantings, color and texture. It has been neglected over the years. The first specimen introduced in 2018 was a Ginkgo memorial tree located front center in the garden.

PLANT SELECT: The newest addition to the Zoo Montana Gardens is the "Plant Select Garden". This garden is located to the left of the Plaza Junction and right on the main pathway between the Children's Playground and Picnic Shelter.