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" Do We Dare Say It's Springtime? "

Iris Garden Update

A big thanks to Delane of the Big Sky Iris Club for his work in cleaning and updating the Iris Garden at the Koi ponds. New signage has been installed on the existing Iris specimens and identification of what else may pop up this season will continue. Expect some new additions this summer as well. The existing Iris plants are all named after animals which blends right in with the Zoo purpose.

A new webpage has been created which further expands the web visitors knowledge of the garden with links to other Iris gardens in Yellowstone County and up close expectations of this season's crop. You can view a short video of the updates on the Arboretum Facebook page.



Here's a sampling of some of the early season color that's showing up around the Zoo grounds. The hints and hues are changing every day so be sure to visit often. Of note this year is the fullness of the Tiger garden with the additions of bulbs, boxwoods and day lillies. You can find bulbs popping' throughout the pathway system. Two naturalized bulb gardens are starting to come into it's own located on the west side of the Eagle Bridge. The new plant containers located at the Visitor's Center and Schoolhouse Entry are a great color update and much needed bling. Expect some great things at the Homestead gardens this season!