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Botanical Society of ZooMontana

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Tables Constructed

Volunteers have completed the construction of 4 new tables for the greenhouse. These will be used for plants and a cold frame for seedlings. All of the materials were donated and the Zoo was kind enough to let the volunteers use their quonset for construction. Luckily the day was half way warm so volunteers couldn't complain. Further work includes a new potting table and a cold frame which will be installed as an incubator on top of a warming table. Seeds and plugs have been ordered. More information will be shared at upcoming Botanical Society meetings and a volunteer list will be generated.


Everyone is anxiously awaiting the first colors of spring. After the second coldest February of all time in Billings and precipitation that's double the average for this time of year it's time to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Some of the first color expected are the spring bulbs. The gardens already has a beautiful array of bulbs as you can see in the photos above, but now after last fall's planting zoo visitors can expect a huge rush of new colors and textures in all parts of the grounds. Look for these new additions:

A) Front Entrance- Look for Daffodils, Paperwhites and Fritillaries planting around the ZooMontana sign and groupings around the bridge entrance.

B) Plaza Pathways-As an understory to the newly planted Globe Spruce at Plaza Junction are Daffodils and Hyacinths. All animal habitats have received groupings of Daffodils and Hyacinth

C) Sensory garden-New tulips were planted along the northeast entrance and along the north hill. The Sensory Garden will be a palette of colors this spring.

D) Bison Exhibit and Homestead-Around all the antique farm implements are Daffys, Hyacinths and Paperwhites. Also look for groupings around the Homestead House and in Orchard Lane.

E) Naturalized Bulb Garden-After crossing the Eagle bridge on the northwest corner is a naturalized area that will explode with color. This area will be given the freedom to expand, naturally over the next decade.

Try it now. Click on one of the markers and see what happens.



Like most arboretums, the Yellowstone Arboretum is comprised of unique areas. Each "garden" is mapped with tree markers in green. The area on the left is the Sensory garden which is literally surrounded by trees as you can see in the screen shot. Simply click on a marker and up pops up the information page for that specimen. Each area has a unique educational specimen that is outlined below.

If you have any garden news you would like to share or feel the urge to volunteer at the gardens please feel free to e-mail us at: