"Perserve, Protect, Enhance and Educate"

Botanical Society of ZooMontana

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"No traveler, whether a tree lover or not, will ever forget his first walk in a sugar-pine forest. The majestic crowns approaching one another make a glorious canopy, through the feathery arches of which the sunbeams pour, silvering the needles and gilding the stately columns and the ground into a scene of enchantment."                                                                            - John  Muir


The Botanical Society at ZooMontana's mission is to preserve, protect, enhance and assist in funding the botanical gardens and natural environments of ZooMontana, to provide education in botany, ecology and conservation, and to provide a beautiful environment for the enhancement of the mental and physical health of our community.


It is important to promote understanding, conservation and enjoyment of gardens, plants, and the natural world through educational programs and hands on participation in diverse activities.

People live better, healthier and more satisfying lives when they know how to create, care for and enjoy gardens.

Community involvement through volunteer participation is key to the success of our organization.