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Accession Records - Wolf Habitat (trees and woody shrubs)

 Picea Koyamai
"Koyamai Spruce"  east of wolf holding-Endangered - 5 plants
  Pinus strobiformis
  "Border Pine" clump  directly n. of wolf holding - 3 plants
 Laburnum alpinum "Scotch Laburnum"
 "Golden Rain Tree" along path directly n.of wolf holding-3 plant
 Fraxinus ornus
 "Flowering Ash" along road w.of wolf holding -both sides road
 Picea pungens
 "Colorado Spruce" so.side of pathway across wolf holding (3)
 Ostrya virginiana
 "American Hophornbeam"  riparian area between wolves and Millenium (2)
 Pinus sylvestris
 "Scots Pine"wolf viewing area towrds "snowmonkeys" (7)
 Robinia pseudoacacia
 "Black Locust" SW side of wold building - 2 plants
 Picea omorika
 "Serbian Spruce" In grove directly e.of wolf holding -10 plants
 "Staghorn Sumac"in front and sides of wolf holding - 15 plants
 Juniperus scopulorum
 "Witchita Blue"Rocky Mtn.Jumiper-grove w.of wolf hold. (7)

TBD = To be determined

NA = Non-active