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Botanical Society of ZooMontana

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Accession Records - Lynx Exhibit  ( Trees and woody shrubs )

 Picea glauca densata
 "Black Hills Spruce" lynx viewing area both sides pathway - 9 plants
 Pinus nigra
 "Austrian Pine" on top of landform behind and w.of lynx - 3 plants
 Pinus aristata
 "Bristlecone Pine" (3) inside lynx habitat (1) outside - original 8 ft.trees
 Pinus flexilis
 "Vandewolfs Pyramid" sw.of holding across path nr. access rd. - 3 plants
 Acer negundo
 "Sensation Boxeleder" along path from old aviary to lynx n.side- 3 plants
 Amelanchier x grandiflora
 "Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry" outside fence nr.waterfall feature - 1 plant
 Acer grandidentatum
 "Rocky Mountain Glow Wasatch Maple" Island front of lynx - 1 plant
 Amelanchier x grandiflora
 "Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry"east side of lynx along path - 1 plant
 Amelanchier utahensis
 "Utah Serviceberry" so.of holding bldg. e.side of viewing area - 3 plants
 Pseadotsuga menziesii var. glauca
 "Blue Douglas Fir" in front of lynx holding building - 2 plants
 Amelanchier x grandiflora
 "Princess Diana Apple Serviceberry"nr.lynx viewing area - 1 plant
 Mahonia aqulifolium
 Oregon Grape Holly - on exterior of east viewing wall - multiple