"Perserve, Protect, Enhance and Educate"

Botanical Society of ZooMontana

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The first priority for the 2018 season is to establish the health and well-being of the trees on the grounds. Those priorities are as follows:

1. Identification and signage

2. Pruning and thinning

3. Damaged branch removal

4. Ground re-work and bark inspection

5. Water determination and watering needs

6. Protection determination and installation

7. Life determination and future well-being

8. Removal


The goal of this garden is the re-establishment of it's viability and visual appeal. To accomplish this task the arboretum will prune, clean and thin all plants and trees to arborist standards once those species are identified. Watering on a regular basis will be the main priority to rejuvenate plants. This garden is a prime location for expansion keeping the original intentions intact along with the additions of the following:

1. Lilac Garden, domestic and oriental

2. Ornamental tree and plant addition

3. Possible tree and shrub additions: 

Ginkgo,Japanese Cherry or plum, Sand Cherry,

additional Viburnam, Oriental Fir specimens


"Bear Meadows Conifer Garden"

This area has established conifers along with ample room for the introduction of fir, evergreen, spruce, etc. and species not found in the current Arboretum collection. The area has open protection and available water which is a good for the growth of conifers. It also has great potential for the introduction of memorial trees and donated conifers. The goal of the garden would be to show conifers and related woody shrubs found in high terrain, such as the Beartooth Mountains, and on prairies of, primarily, southern and eastern Montana along with possible interpretive signage.


This opportunity would include tree specimens native to Montana but not necessarily native to Yellowstone County. Because of this, it would differ from the Conifer Garden. The planting of the Lodgepole Pines, from the dedication ceremonies, will be great starter. Most of these species are somewhat drought tolerant but in the long range water to this area may be required. Initially there is a water source from the "Remembrance Circle" area which would be utilized for first plantings.