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The trees at the Arboretum have exploded with the recent warm temperatures and moisture. Some surprises are featured below along with new plantings and areas of expansion. We will be hosting an "Open House"

for area nursery professionals. Most of these pros have a history with the trees at the Arboretum so it will be like meeting old friends for some of them. Information is in the sidebar on the right.


We're happy to announce the "Out on a Limb" guided walking tours of the Yellowstone Arboretum. If you have a group or organization that would like a private tour please feel free to contact Lea Ann at ZooMontana to schedule (406-652-8100). Special group rates are available !


We now have a "Tree Share"page on the website. This features allows website visitors to contact our staff to find mature trees in the collection which may aid them in the selection of new trees for landscape projects. Visitors can also contact the Arboretum with other tree questions to determine if trees of their selection are feasible for our tough Montana climate.

R E C E N T    S U R P R I S E S

"Toba Hawthorn"

Crataegus x mordenensis  

A# 2002-021

This specimen is as wild as it gets. It's a hybrid cross between c.laevigata "Paul's Scarlet" and C.succulenta. It's actually two separate Hawthorn species growing from the same trunk. As of this writing it hasn't bloomed. This picture doesn't do it justice. To find it may be difficult as it's located in the forgotten south hill of the Sensory Garden.


A# 95-019

Yes, the Arboretum now has three Catalpa specimens on the grounds. This one is located near the Toba Hawthorn (above) so it will be easy to find. It's now 23 years old and is in relatively good shape for it's location. It's a tall, slender tree somewhat different from the 2 trees at the Homestead Barn. For those not familiar with the Catalpa, look for the long slender pods.


A# Not determined

This was a pleasant surprise discovering the oversized flowers on this specimen. There are other lilac tree/shrubs in this area as well. With no ascension record it is hard to determine any more information about these trees. They are also located in this forgotten area of the Sensory garden. It is another project to clear out the grasses and prune to make the trees healthy.

"Austrian Whitebeam aka Moonbeam"

A# 2000-078  

Perhaps the nicest stand of trees in the Arboretum is the white barked "Sorbus mougeatii". All three original plantings exists as well as an army of volunteers. The Whitebeams are located along the east viewing area of the new Raptor/Aviary exhibit. In spring the catkins take on a lunar, hence Moonbeam, look against a blue Montana sky.

If you have any Arboretum news you would like to share please feel free to e-mail us at:

[email protected]